Mary Love Realty
75-5660 Kopiko St. A5
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
Phone: 808 329 4813

About Us

Mary Love Realty was formed to fill a gap in Kona - we are not just another real estate company, but one that specializes in personalized property management for the homeowner. What does that mean?

Specialized means:

  1. We understand that you may have a Realtor in Kona with whom you prefer to work regarding buying and selling properties. We honor this relationship.
  2. Many Realtors (or friends) will handle the rental of a property as a convenience to the owner, but do not have the background or interest in rental management to do service to the owner or the property.

Personalized means:

  1. The consistent care of your rental, be it a coffee shack, single-family dwelling or condominium.
  2. Each property is handled as if we were the extension of you.
  3. Mary Love Realty also has a caretaker service for absentee owners.

Service means:

  1. Handle all the day-to-day problems that arise with a rental property.
  2. We send you a monthly statement showing clearly what the income and expenses were for the month.

Careful Tenant Screening:

We take exceptional care in pre-qualifying tenants because, frankly, this is the most critical step in successful property management. First, we make sure that each tenant we approve has a good credit history and we check their references with prior landlords and verify their income and employment.

Routine Inspections:

We conduct thorough on-site inspections before the tenants occupancy, every six months during the term of lease, and immediately after they vacate. With each inspection, we prepare a written report for the property and send a copy to the owner. Every new tenant accepts a current inspection report and, if appropriate, an inventory list before he moves in. This documentation helps us identify any damage not due to normal wear and tear and charge it back to the tenants, protecting both your property and your pocketbook.